97% Safe natural ingredients, Naturally derived shampoo with pure natural cleansing ingredients for all ages from children to mothers. 15-Free Safe System,Safe shampoo for our family without any of the 15 worrisome ingredients. 

Perfect scalp and hair cleansing, Rich lather of slightly acidic shampoo (pH 5.5) fully absorbs waste and serum from scalp! Care for damaged and exhausted hair, make elastic and glossy hair with 5% silk extract and 20 types of amino acid, known for excellent effects on damaged hair care~!

pH 5.5 slightly acidic low irritant moisture oil balance~!!

Free from 15 worrisome ingredients (silicone free, no paraben, no artificial fragrance no artificial pigment, no CMIT, MIT no sulfate, no 1,4 dioxane, no formaldehyde, no methanol, no benzo phenone, no phthalates)



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